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-Trending Artwork In Today’s World!
Art was, is and will always be an integral part of every culture!

Art is not just about a painting or drawing, dancing or singing, it’s a lot more! It gives people hope, helps in spreading a message, be a form of communication. Art is the demonstration of every era and the culture at the time.

Time and again we have witnessed various art forms from various parts of the world from different periods. From the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, The Starry Night, Guernica, to cave paintings, sculptures, Creation of Adam, The Foetus in the Womb and what not!

Every piece of painting has a different story to tell and the “trend” tends to change every 5-10 years. Everyone is running behind the trend, either setting it or starting it and now, it’s 2021, time for new trends again!

In today’s world, people want to communicate through their art. They want to pour their emotions on the canvas and express their happiness, despair, sorrow, anything on a piece of paper and it is like therapy to them. The main focus in today’s day and age is on mental health awareness and what every artist is going through deep down. The work they do or produce when they are not okay mentally or when they are very happy is so different but both things have their own beauty and that’s how a trend starts.

It’s 2021 and it’s a completely online world now. Someone sees something different on social media, recreated it with his own touch and then puts it up tagging the original piece and that reaches a different set of people and then a few of them recreate and this cycle goes on for a few days making it a trend. Then comes the online market, online sales make up a significant portion in the overall art market. There are active auctions online for people from all over the world and not just limited to one specific area. Galleries have been forced to think about digital promotion- promoting a studio or an artist. There’s no denying that digital promotion has a wider outreach and a much bigger audience as compared to the basic, classic ways. Technology now plays a very vital role in how the art world is going to evolve and move forward.

Paintings, drawings, sketches etc are not the only things going virtual. Performance art is shifting to the digital platform too. “Quarantine Concerts”, “Kitchen Broadcasts” etc are just a few examples of how people are trying to adapt to the new normal and still produce good pieces of work.

The most followed trends in the last few months were, the Inktober, online competitions with themes like climate change, pollution, BLM, etc. Art and Science are coming together slowly and spreading awareness regarding the current issues and social causes in a way that is as creative as possible.

“Collectivity is always in the air because we as people belong to a whole, and one of the interesting things about the art world is, it allows you to pose questions about the nature of that belonging over and over again- that’s what artists do,” said David Lewis, an artist and gallery owner from New York. Collective endeavours have taken on the increasing currency in recent years, with platforms such as a gallery-share program helping to spur business among small and mid-tier operations and museums working together.

Nature is the concern we have all had for the last 20-30 years and now every artist tries to put a point forward to spread a message about saving nature or go green etc. It’s not just about making a painting about nature, it’s also about following certain ways to help make the world a better place. Slowly the shipment of art all around the globe is taking a huge turn. Shipping art can leave a deep carbon footprint leading to a massive amount of waste. Finally, a sustainable shipping product is in the making that is smart in terms of climate and tough in terms of protection. Shipping products are not the only things changing, the artists’ choice of material is too! The artworld is ready to consider the ecological ramifications of how it operates, particularly when it comes to the very things artists are using to make their work.

Artists are now open to expanding their horizon and experiment with their work to produce something worthwhile and impressionable. They are working towards being nonexclusive. They are not just expanding their art type but also their careers like moving from one city to another and not just sticking to one gallery. For artists now, collaborations and co-operative situations are the best way to go. No artist wants to stay limited or restricted to one culture, one kind or type of art and have the monotonous tone of working with no way to show their creativity as much as possible.

In my opinion, every painting or drawing becomes legendary when there’s an audience to view it and appreciate it. Any piece of art gets more valuable as the fame or viewers or comments come into play. This is where Museums, auctions, art showcases etc play a very vital role. Every city/country has had a different culture in eras dating to the BC time period too and all of it is preserved and available for the world to see in the museums and that is what makes it so important and historical. Until now, if a museum was located in a specific location then it generally followed the language spoken there or maybe 2 more general languages but now that is going to change for good. Each museum brings the world to a city and the city to the world. One of the main focuses of a museum is to make people feel welcomed and accepted. Keeping these things in mind, museums are now seriously considering to become multilingual and that will bring a tremendous amount of change in the art world, a very important and much needed one too.

Talking about change, it has been noticed in recent years the rapid growth in demand for surreal paintings. Surrealists have continued to climb up the market ladder slowly establishing the movement’s legacy at the forefront of global collecting.

These things were just facts regarding the trends and the evolvement of the world of art, but art is not about theories, words, facts or stats. Art is all about the heart and soul of an artist and everything else is just an addition, not the goal. Nobody creates anything to start a trend, they create what they feel at the moment and it becomes a trend eventually. Every trend is short-lived but it’s all fun and games till it lasts and that’s what our world and lives are all about now!

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